Plantain Skin Salve
Relief for dry, chapped, cracked hands and skin.
Elderberry Syrup
An immune support made of elderberry, clove, ginger and cinnamon.
Rose Elixir
A soft assist with grief, anger, sadness, insomnia. Made with rose buds/petals infused in brandy & honey.
Tummy Tea
Gentle relief for digestive issues. Can also be used for dry coughs.
Essential Oils
Essential Oils by Natures Gift
Menthol Pain Relief Stick
Pain relief consisting of menthol and 500mg CBD.
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Salves, Oils, Teas & Tinctures made from
Mother Earth
Rose Elixir
Gentle assist with grief & sadness
From Dandelion
to St. John's Wort


Natural Remedies For Relief

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