White Pine Salve is a drawing salve made with resin from white pine tree twigs/branches, yarrow and Tea Tree Essential Oil.  Due to antiseptic, anti-bacterial and analgesic properties, this salve is effective in helping the mending of inflamed wounds, rashes, skin irritations and cuts and bruises.  It can help draw out splinters and is helpful with acne and razor bumps and other issues of the skin.  This blush colored salve is soft, almost like an ointment, so a little goes a very long way!


Directions:  A little goes a long way! Apply directly to skin as needed. Dab onto razor burns and acne, do not rub.  Do not apply to deep open wounds.  Has a slight medicinal smell and is gently warming when first applied.


Ingredients:  White Pine Infused Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia), Beeswax


CAUTION:  Avoid use with diabetes and insulin resistance syndrome as it increases the chance of experiencing skin reactions from Tea Tree Essential Oil.  Keep away from Eyes.  If pregnant, thinking of becoming pregnant or nursing, please consult physician before using. For Topical Use Only!  

White Pine Salve

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