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Cat Nap Tea

The most "Purrfect" tea to help you with sleep and restlessness!  Cat Nap Tea is a blend of catnip, chamomile and lemon verbena.  All incredible herbs to help you relax and fall asleep.  You're going to love this new addition to our line of tinctures.  I'm not kitten!!

Cat Nap Tea

  • Add one Tablespoon to tea bag or diffuser.  Steep for up to 5 minutes.  Check halfway through as long steeping could cause some herbs to taste bitter.  Add honey as desired. 

    DO NOT TAKE WITH SEDATIVES AS SEDATION PROPERTIES MAY BE ENHANCED.  Speak with your pharmacist or physician before use if you are pregnant, nursing, take diuretic (lithium) medications or anxiety/sedation medications. 

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