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Be Still

Frankincense has traditionally been used for spiritual growth and meditation. It is believed to have a centering effect on the emotions. It's sedative and calming to the mind, body and spirit.


I have had the incredible opportunity of purchasing a Boswellia sacra (white).  It's like nothing I've ever smelled before.  It is warm, spicy and crisp with a very soft floral undertone.  So relaxing and incredible soothing. 


We've taken the Boswellia sacra (white) and infused it in Sweet Almond Oil for therapeutic use. It's a wonderful oil to use when your stressed, anxious, in need of grounding or to enhance your meditation or prayer.  

Be Still

  • Roll onto temples, collarbone, wrists, or other pressure points as needed.  Massage into skin.  Inhale.

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