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Worry Stones and Their Calming Energy

As some of you know,I have anxiety. Actually Complex PTSD which the best way that I can describe is anxiety on steroids. When it kicks in, I have many tools at my disposal which I learned in counseling. Some are breathing techniques, 54321 methods to calm stress and ease panic and worry stones.

Worry Stones are formed from crystals or gemstones which are shaped like an oval with a thumb shaped indentation. The idea is to rub the thumbprint back and forth to help calm the mind and give it something to focus on during times of anxiety, stress or panic. Such a useful tool for those who suffer from panic attacks or general anxiety.

My favorites are sodalite, hematite and kambaba jasper. Each one has their own purpose and I carry them with me at different times.


Sodalite is a beautiful, deep color with swirls of browns and whites. She is a crystal for the survivor and helps with emotional balance and calming the mind. I used to take Sodalite with me to counseling sessions when we focused on exposure therapy. It was extremely helpful and encouraged me to focus on my breath to get through the sessions.


Kambaba Jasper. That beautiful green with dark spots and swirls caused by a blue-green algae (technically a fossilized algae and not a jasper, just a geek moment ☺️). She helps promote peace and tranquility, balance and protection. I have this in my car and usually hang on to it when I’m driving. Especially the drives to and from the shop in the evening or in bad weather.


Hematite. My favorite worry stone to have on me when my stress level is high or I’m having panic attacks. This crystal is heavy and she is cold. Because of her weight and cold temperament, it is the perfect tool to help you through a panic attack because it gives you something else to focus on.

Rubbing the cold metal, feeling its weight allows your mind to shift to something other than the physical and mental stress of a panic attack.

Because of this I am able to focus on my breath and do the 54321 method.

  • Five things you can see.

  • Four things you can touch.

  • Three things you can hear.

  • Two things you can smell.

  • One thing you can taste.


Worry stones can be a useful tool in your healing arsenal. Although these stones are my absolute go to’s, we have plenty of other worry stones in shop and encourage you to use what calls to you. We would love to help you find the perfect stone to use as you work through stressful times in your life. We want you to have peace and healing and are humbled to be a part of this journey.

Be Well Blessed Ones ♥️

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