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With All My Heart

With All My Heart is blended to bring relaxation and sleep.  Using the gentle scents of Bergamot FCF, Frankincense and Lavender in a sweet almond oil base, With All My Heart can be gently massaged into hands, feet, or pressure points  before bed or when you need to relax (reapply every 3-4 hours as needed).  


Mildly blended to be safe enough for those in treatment or hospice, it is potent enough for use by everyone seeking peace.

For those you love, for those who need peace, With All My Heart is the key to the solace you seek.


AROMA:  A very soft scent of lavender with just a touch of citrus.

With All My Heart

    • Roll onto hands, feet, or pressure points before bed or when you need to relax
    • Safe for use by all people, including those in hospice
    • For external use only. Use as directed.


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