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Pink Zebra Jasper Bracelet 8mm

This beautiful Pink Zebra Jasper bracelet is double strung for durability and features 8mm beads, measuring 7.5" in length.

Pink Zebra Jasper is known for encouraging stability, contentment, and joy, making it an excellent choice for those seeking emotional balance.

This stone is also associated with the heart chakra, promoting feelings of love and compassion.

Additionally, Pink Zebra Jasper motivates us to "grow a spine," fostering strength, willpower, and conviction. Add this bracelet to your collection to experience the many benefits of Pink Zebra Jasper.

Pink Zebra Jasper Bracelet 8mm

  • Aromatic Blessings' Crystals are not a replacement for medical treatment.  Information provided is positive minded, spiritual in nature and does not claim to heal or cure and is not a substitute for conventional medicine.  Please seek the care of your physician if you are having medical issues.

  • As natural stones vary in size, shape and color, products shipped may vary in size, shape and color.

    8mm beads
    7.5 inches in diameter

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