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Oracle of the 7 Energies Card Deck and Guidebook

A beautiful 49-card oracle deck based on the power of the 7 Energies to guide you from world-renowned oracle card expert with over a million decks sold, best-selling author, and internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher Colette Baron-Reid.

Throughout history, seven is a sacred number, with great significance in multiple cultures and belief systems. The Oracle of the 7 Energies card deck is an intuitive divination system inspired not only by the mind-body-spirit model of energy, consciousness, and co-creation contained within the traditional understanding of the seven chakras, but also by the wisdom of seven reflected in so many belief systems and modern practices.

Within this powerful oracle, the concept of the seven energies can be said to apply to the way you think, how you make your choices, and what you encounter within yourself—and the conditions of your world as you journey forward.

There are seven cards within each of the seven energetic categories, for a total of 49 cards. The psychological, spiritual, and life themes that animate the oracle are as follows:

Energy 1, red, Earth:

money, family, inherited traits, survival, primitive instincts, security

Energy 2, orange, Water:

connection, sexuality, intimacy, birthing, desire, pleasure

Energy 3, yellow, Fire:

personal power, will, assertiveness, action, vitality, movement

Energy 4, green, Love:

compassion, love, community, forgiveness, unconditional acceptance, inner peace

Energy 5, sky blue, Sound:

communication, creativity, listening, being heard, writing, ideas, sharing

Energy 6, purple, Light:

intuition, vision, imagination, prescience, knowing, perception, mental states

Energy 7, golden white, Thought:

spirituality, ego transcendence, liberation, God consciousness, wisdom

Example Oracle Card Meanings:

It Is What It Is —

If you can release your attachment to getting what you want, you’ll be surprised by how much energy you have for more important things.

Beautiful Uncaging —

At this time, you’re being called to assess where guilt is playing a part in your life, recognize how it’s affecting you and others, and address it so you can release yourself from its grip.

Waking the Lion —

Regardless of the outer conditions right now, you can’t wait for your fear to lessen before you move forward. In fact, despite the chaos and seeming disarray, you must be bold.

May this oracle be a beacon for you in turbulent times and a playful guide when opportunity knocks and abundance comes calling. Let there be Light!

Blessed be.



Drawing upon the power of seven, this oracle gives you a framework to make inspired choices as you co-create your reality, becoming a channel for Divine abundance and miracles.

Oracle of the 7 Energies Card Deck and Guidebook

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