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Intention Candles

These beautifully hand crafted, unscented, large glass Intention Candles are made to invoke your desired intentions and dreams. Skillfully created with a flower blend of herbs, crystals, gold flake, and more, Each candle can be burned and used during ritual, meditation or prayer time.   

They also make beautiful decor for an altar or sacred place.   Candles are approximately 8" tall with 80-100 hours of burn time.


Choose from one of Six:


  • Courage/Cat: Orange Lily, Tiger's Eye, and Carnelian help you be bold, persistent, and steady.
  • Protection/Feather: Lavender and Amethyst are used to keep the mind strong, clear, and capable of withstanding negative forces. 
  • Prosperity/Moon Phase: Jasmine and Aventurine help manifest success, good luck, and increased attraction.
  • Love/Potion Bottle: Rose petals and Strawberry Quartz open the heart to feelings of love for self and others. 
  • Gratitude/Moon and Leaves:  Nurture physical and mental well-being with Turquoise and Obsidian and a unique flower blend.   
  • Health/Lotus:  Nurture physical and mental well-being with the combined energies of Turquoise, Obsidian, and the transformative lotus seed.  



Intention Candles

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