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    • Twilight Meditation
      Tickets: $10.00
      June 19, 2020 | 1:45 AM
      2620 E Bottsford Ave, St Francis, WI 53235, USA
    • Twilight Meditation
      Tickets: $10.00
      June 26, 2020 | 1:45 AM
      2620 E Bottsford Ave, St Francis, WI 53235, USA
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    • Myths, Truths and Covid 19

      WE NEED TO CHAT <3 Let me preface this discussion by saying I'm not a doctor, nor am I giving medical advice. If you are ill, if you are having symptoms related to COVID19 or have been exposed, please get tested immediately and contact your physician. With that being said.... I have been in contact with numerous people the last three days who have now tested positive for Covid 19. Most are struggling with pain in the chest, a low grade fever, an ugly cough and feel like they have had the crap kicked out of them. Some young, some not so young. We have been able to share some herbs to help with symptoms, to encourage movement and breathing exercises. After discussions with many about what they wish they knew or had done, I want to sort out some myths and facts. MYTH #1 Drinking hot water will kill this virus. FALSE. What it will do is help keep the fluids in your body moving and help to thin mucous. Drink warm/hot teas, soups, warm water instead of cold. Stay away from alcohol and sugary drinks. MYTH #2 Drinking a lot of fluids will flush out Covid 19. FALSE Once it's in there, it's in there. Once it's in your mouth or your nose, it's not leaving. Nasal inhalers aren't going to move them out nor is drinking copious amounts of water. Drinking alcohol at the bar isn't going to kill it. There is a reason why you're told not to touch your face unless you have washed your hands. You DO want to make sure you are getting enough fluids so you don't become dehydrated. MYTH #3 Elderberry Syrup will prevent me from getting Covid 19. FALSE What it will do is help to keep your immune system healthy. Taking Elderberry as a preventative is always a good idea unless you already have a compromised immune system. Then please discuss with your physician before taking. IMPORTANT If you begin having symptoms or have been diagnosed with COVID 19, I would suggest that you stop taking Elderberry Syrup. There really is no good evidence that it helps treat Covid 19 and I personally believe other herbs/products would be more beneficial. I encourage you to do your own research and reach out if you have any questions. The news is all over the place. There are more cases, there aren't. This works, this doesn't. Testing is good, testing isn't being done correctly. Please! Keep washing your hands (although this should be a given!!) and use hand sanitizer if you aren't able to wash your hands, keep your hands away from your face. I know that wearing a mask is a personal decision. Only a few of the folk I'm helping right now wore masks. Did it stop them from catching it? No. But it very well may have stopped someone else from catching it. Please reconsider wearing a mask when you are out in public. For those around you who are parents of kids with cancer, sons/daughters of parents with compromised systems, people going through chemo. You know where I'm going with this. Make sure you are drinking enough fluids, cutting back on sugar, moving your body, eating healthy, taking normal dosages of Vitamin C and D. If you haven't started taking Elderberry Syrup or other immune supporters, I suggest you start taking it as a way to keep your immune system in great shape. Please PLEASE reach out if you are having symptoms or have recently been diagnosed. Stay healthy Blessed Ones. We are here if you need us. Susie

    • Connie & Susie's Great Harvesting Adventure

      I'm visiting my mom and dad at their cabin in Northern Wisconsin. On our way to Mass this morning, I "saw" a patch of red clover! Mom and I decided that after we got home from church, we were going to go back and harvest them. I also noticed patches of common yarrow and was really excited to go harvest. Once we got home and changed, Mom announced that she was not going into the woods because she was not going to get a tick. I agreed and stated that we would only be harvesting from plants on the side of the road and wouldn't be wandering into tall grass into the woods. We grabbed some containers, scissors and gloves and headed out. First off, I have NO IDEA what I thought I saw, but there was no red clover to be found ANYWHERE! But there was a lot of beautiful yarrow. And this is where the fun began. MOM: What's that dinging? ME: I took my seat belt off so I can jump out when we get close. I also put the hazards on so cars can go around us. MOM: When you pull over make sure you pull over onto grass. ME: (Pulling onto grass) MOM: NOT HERE!! This is somebody's lawn!! ME: (Pulling up further next to yarrow) ME: Mom, look at all this yarrow. Can you see the ferned leaves? MOM: I'm not getting out of this car. Do you see all these bees? ME: Mom.. MOM: CLOSE YOUR WINDOW! Don't you see all these bees? ME: Okay, I'll be right back. (I cut a good handfull of yarrow everywhere we stopped so as not to take all so they regrow) ME: (Opening back door): Mom, look how pretty. MOM: DID YOU SHAKE THOSE OUT? I don't want any bugs crawling in this car ME: (Now laughing so hard I can't breathe) Mom, I did. MOM: Get in the car, there are tons of bees over here. MOM: Let's drive down this road and see what's here. What's that dinging? Is your door open? ME: (Laughing so hard I"m crying) MOM!! I don't have my seatbelt on. (LOL) ME: (stopping car) Mom, look that's a Mullein... MOM: YOU CAN"T PARK HERE ON A CURVE! ME: Mom! We are on a side road with no cars in sight, I'm just stopping to take a picture for my plant ID app. I want to make sure it's Mullein. (Get's out of car to take picture) MOM: Do you see all the bees on that?? Hurry up! ME: (Getting back into car and gives mom the phone as we wait for the app to work which it didn't because we couldn't get internet). MOM: What's that dinging? ME: MOM LOL MOM: You're going to need a saw for that. ME: We just need the younger leaves and flowers MOM: (You're going to need a saw) Turn here, TURN HERE! Me: Why?? Mom: Because that's where the cabin is ME: LOL (We are laughing hysterically at this point) We decided we had enough for today and would make another trip out tomorrow. Not only was it wonderful spending the morning together, but I absolutely loved being able to harvest from north woods! I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!! Hoping your Sunday was half as fun as ours! Be Well!

    • Super Pain Relief for a True Super Hero

      Eli was just 4 years old in 2016 when he was diagnosed with stage 4, high risk Neuroblastoma...a solid tumor childhood cancer. He underwent 16 months of intense treatment, which included chemotherapy, surgery, stem cell transplants, radiation, and immunotherapy. In August 2018, one year after his initial treatment was completed, Eli relapsed. He began more immunotherapy, chemo, radiation, and then a Neuroblastoma vaccine trial. These treatments were done in hospitals both in WI and NYC. Unfortunately, he relapsed again in June 2019, and the journey to healing will now take him to Chicago to begin another trial. Through it all, he has been incredibly brave and has a true zest for life. Eli’s grandma, Bonnie, is my cousin. Our family is incredibly huge so all of my cousins’ children (and their children) are my cousins. With a family this big I don’t have time to sort through 2nd, 3rds, once removed etc. We are all just family. Eli’s mom, Jamie, and I had talked earlier this spring about something to help with Eli’s leg cramps. Because this young sweetheart has been through so much, I did a LOT of research to come up with a gentle salve that was still going to have a powerful effect. I infused dried rosemary, ginger, dandelion and calendula into sweet almond oil and added 350mg CBD Isolate. Plants that all have anti-inflammatory, analgesic properties and enhance the CBD Isolate to work better. There is no scent, so it wouldn’t make him nauseous. I also made sure that none of the products used would break the skin barrier and enter the blood stream since his system is already dealing with lots of other medications. The family had great success with the salve:“Eli experienced frequent and painful leg cramps at night during his treatment. Massaging this salve into his leg helped with the pain immensely and the cramp resolved very quickly. He now asks for the salve if he is having a cramp or any kind of pain. When he had intense pain from his tumor - which ultimately required a few radiation treatments to get under control - we rubbed the salve on his cheek and around his eye where pain was most intense to provide some short-term relief. We have used this salve for other people in the family as well, mainly for headaches or body soreness - the kind of soreness that typically accompanies a misalignment and requires a visit to the chiropractor. The salve has significantly reduced or completely stopped the discomfort in all cases.” Eli is a superhero to so many. His strength and determination are unmatched and I wanted to make sure this pain salve met his expectations. Eli’s Super Pain Salve with 350mg CBD is now available for purchase with 15% of all sales going to “Gold in September (G9)”. I ask that you keep Eli in your prayers. That the Good Lord blesses him with complete healing and he grows to be a wrinkly old man. May God Bless you and your family Super E!

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    • Herbal Remedies | Aromatic Blessings

      Trauma Oil with 250mg CBD Three powerful herbs infused with 250mg CBD isolate. Powerful pain relief when your body has experienced trauma. Pink Calcite Crystal Chakra Crystal Kit 1/8 SHOP NOW! Rose Elixir Gentle assist with grief & sadness ​ Shop Now From Dandelion to St. John's Wort Natural Remedies For Relief Shop Now

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