We slowly infused Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans in Sweet Almond Oil.  This incredibly scented oil is soft, relaxing and sensual.  As one of the most accessible scents available, vanilla is a wondrous assist for chronic stress and anxiety.  It helps relax the body and uplifts the mood.


The Mayan,  Aztec Indians and Spaniards used it as an aphrodisiac. Use it alone as a perfume or as the base for your own essential oil blends. This infusion would be a fantastic addition to your home apothecary.  


AROMA:  Soft, warm, light floral. 


INGREDIENTS:  Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans, Sweet Almond Oil


DIRECTIONS:  Wear as a perfume.  To assist with stress and anxiety, apply to temples, collar bones, above the heart, wrists and hands. Deeply inhale the scent, breathe. Use as a carrier oil for personal blends

or skin care routine.


Keep out of reach of children. For external use only.  Keep out of eyes. Use as directed. If pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant, nursing, consult physician before use. 

Vanilla Infused Oil

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