So Soft Skin Care comes with two beautiful products that enhance healing of chapped skin and to help your skin feel nourished and soft.  


So Soft Skin Care includes:


  • NATURE'S KISS SKIN OINTMENT is made of herbal infusions and carrier oils that help to soothe rough, dry, itchy, burning chapped skin.  A comforting ointment soft enough to use on your face and hands as well as a baby's bottom. 


AROMA:  Very subtle floral.




DIRECTIONS:  Apply small amount to irritated skin areas.  A little bit goes a long way. 

For external use only. Keep out of the reach of children.  If you are pregnant, think you are pregnant or are nursing, contact your physician before using.


  • SILKEN TRANQUILITY SKIN SERUM, a rich, silky serum used to soften and moisturize skin, is made with herb infused oils as well as essential oils chosen to enhance relaxation and help calm you when anxious.  The soft scents of Sandalwood, White Rose, and Nerolina are combined with numerous carrier oils including Argan and Sandalwood Seed Oil.  The serum absorbs quickly into skin, leaving it soft without a greasy feeling. You want this in your skin care arsenal during the fall, winter and holiday season! 


AROMA:  A soft floral with a touch of vanilla and wood.


DIRECTIONS:  Hold bottle horizontally and pump oil into palm.  Using fingertips, gently massage face, under chin, neck, hands, elbows or wherever your skin needs tender loving care.  A little bit goes a long way!

For external use only.  Keep out of the reach of children.  Avoid use during pregnancy.  Do not use on irritated skin.

So Soft Skin Care

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