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Rhodonite Worry Stone (Brazil)

Rhodonite is a beautiful stone that is perfect for those seeking emotional healing and balance. This stone is known for its ability to soothe anxiety, increase self-love, and promote forgiveness. With its striking pink and black coloration, it also makes for a stunning addition to any crystal collection.


Use it during meditation or carry it with you throughout the day for a calming and grounding effect.

Rhodonite Worry Stone (Brazil)

  • Aromatic Blessings' Crystals are not a replacement for medical treatment. Information provided is positive minded, spiritual in nature and does not claim to heal or cure and is not a subsitute for conventional medicine. Please seek the care of your physician if you are having medical issues.

  • As natural stones vary in size, shape and color, products shipped may vary in size, shape and color.

    Approximately 50mm x 40mm x 10mm

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