Stressed? Lavender. Anxious? Lavender. Headache? Lavender. Starting to fight a head cold? Lavender. This lavender tincture is simply beautiful.  We've infused lavender buds (lavandula angustifolia) in alcohol for 4-6 weeks extracting the active constituents.  An incredible scent and flavor to help with tension headaches, stress, nerves and cold and allergy symptoms.  


I tend to carry all of my stress/tension in my shoulders which are either rounded or up to my ears. ALL THE TIME. When I feel it becoming painful or encouraging a tension headache, I add a dropperful of lavender tincture in water. The scent helps to relax and the flavor is gentle, not overpowering, and gives relief to the headache AND the stress.


INGREDIENTS: Dried Lavender Flowers steeped in alcohol for 4-6 weeks or longer.


DIRECTIONS: Add 1 dropperful (20 to 30 Drops) to an 8oz of glass of water, tea, or liquid of your choice to assist with tension headaches, stress, anxiety, cold symptoms.



Lavender Tincture

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  • * Aromatic Blessings Disclaimer: The statements made on this site are based on holistic documentation and have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The information shared on our website or through Aromatic Blessings is not a substitute for a consultation with a health care provider and should not be taken as medical advice. Reviews and testimonials on this site are from individuals and do not guarantee or suggest the same results.

  • You  may notice that the dropper has a dark residue near the bottom.

    Not to worry! What may seem to be mold in the dropper most definitely is NOT mold.

    This "yuck" is completely normal. It's residue resulting from sediment of extracted herbs. Our tinctures contain actual herb particles and this residue is typical of herbal liquid extracts, and in no way compromises the quality of the tincture. Sediment often collects inside and around the dropper and shaking the bottle prior to use can help release some of the particles. The dark color is from the herbs in each product and can vary in color from a green, to dark brown or black.

    Shake your tinctures before using. If you haven't used your tincture in a while, shake it up or try to give it a shake once a week

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