We've taken locally grown lavender, dried the flowers and gently heat infused them in Sweet Almond Oil.  The result is a soft smelling lavender oil that has gently pulled all the beautiful properties that make lavender so incredible. It is important to note that this is not an essential oil.  It has not been steam distilled.  Since it is not as volatile as the essential oil, you can apply it as needed and directly onto your skin without worry of irritation or sensitization.  It is a wonderful alternative for burns, sunburns, dry skin and relaxation.


We offer two options for our Lavender - Infused Oil:  A 10ml Roll On for easy, immediate application or a 1oz (30ml) bottle that can be used as as a carrier oil for your personal blends, salves, or to keep in your medicine cabinet for direct application to affected areas on your skin. 

Gentle and safe enough for everyone.  For external use only.  Keep out of the reach of children.


AROMA:  Soft Floral Scent


DIRECTIONS:  Apply directly to skin as a moisturizer, for burns, sunburns*, inflamed muscles or to temples to assist with pain relief. Apply to wrists, above heart, collarbone and temple to support relaxation and peace.


*Do not use on moderate to severe sunburns as it will burn and irritate.  Use an aloe vera product as your first choice with these types of sunburns. 


INGREDIENTS:  Lavender Flowers/Buds, Sweet Almond Oil

Lavender Infused Oil

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