Together with CBD Therapeutics of Wisconsin, we've made Trauma Oil even better.  We've added 99% CBD Isolate from Organic Industrial Hemp farmed in Colorado to an already powerful pain relief.  Trauma Oil is an exquisite infusion of dried Arnica and Calendula flowers and fresh St. John's Wort in an Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  This beautiful red infusion brings relief from physical trauma after accidents, falls, bumps or bruising.  It helps to reduce the pain of injury, relieve swelling and promote healing of muscles, tendons, and ligaments.  Each of these beautiful flowers are infused separately for their gentle individual healing properties.  We then merge the three infusions into one, making an incredible mixture that targets trauma our bodies retain from strains, bruises, or stiff muscles. If you have a natural first aid kit, you’ll want to be sure and include Trauma Oil as an essential item. 


Aroma:  Herbaceous and warm.



  • Massage gently on sore and stiff muscles, strains, bruises and any skeletal muscle trauma where the skin is not broken.  Apply as needed for pain relief every 3 to 4 hours.
  • For external use only. Keep out of the reach of children. Use as directed.  





CBD Isolate, Organic Arnica Flower, Organic Calendula Flower and Organic St. John's Wort seperately infused in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, then blended together. 

**This product is THC Free. 

250mg CBD Trauma Oil (15ML)

SKU: 0001
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