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Super Pain Relief for a True Super Hero

Eli was just 4 years old in 2016 when he was diagnosed with stage 4, high risk Neuroblastoma...a solid tumor childhood cancer. He underwent 16 months of intense treatment, which included chemotherapy, surgery, stem cell transplants, radiation, and immunotherapy. In August 2018, one year after his initial treatment was completed, Eli relapsed. He began more immunotherapy, chemo, radiation, and then a Neuroblastoma vaccine trial. These treatments were done in hospitals both in WI and NYC. Unfortunately, he relapsed again in June 2019, and the journey to healing will now take him to Chicago to begin another trial. Through it all, he has been incredibly brave and has a true zest for life.

Eli’s grandma, Bonnie, is my cousin. Our family is incredibly huge so all of my cousins’ children (and their children) are my cousins. With a family this big I don’t have time to sort through 2nd, 3rds, once removed etc. We are all just family.

Eli’s mom, Jamie, and I had talked earlier this spring about something to help with Eli’s leg cramps. Because this young sweetheart has been through so much, I did a LOT of research to come up with a gentle salve that was still going to have a powerful effect. I infused dried rosemary, ginger, dandelion and calendula into sweet almond oil and added 350mg CBD Isolate. Plants that all have anti-inflammatory, analgesic properties and enhance the CBD Isolate to work better. There is no scent, so it wouldn’t make him nauseous. I also made sure that none of the products used would break the skin barrier and enter the blood stream since his system is already dealing with lots of other medications.

The family had great success with the salve:“Eli experienced frequent and painful leg cramps at night during his treatment. Massaging this salve into his leg helped with the pain immensely and the cramp resolved very quickly. He now asks for the salve if he is having a cramp or any kind of pain. When he had intense pain from his tumor - which ultimately required a few radiation treatments to get under control - we rubbed the salve on his cheek and around his eye where pain was most intense to provide some short-term relief.

We have used this salve for other people in the family as well, mainly for headaches or body soreness - the kind of soreness that typically accompanies a misalignment and requires a visit to the chiropractor. The salve has significantly reduced or completely stopped the discomfort in all cases.”

Eli is a superhero to so many. His strength and determination are unmatched and I wanted to make sure this pain salve met his expectations.

Eli’s Super Pain Salve with 350mg CBD is now available for purchase with 15% of all sales going to “Gold in September (G9)”.

I ask that you keep Eli in your prayers. That the Good Lord blesses him with complete healing and he grows to be a wrinkly old man. May God Bless you and your family Super E!

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