• Susie Madunich

Monday Chat and A Cup of Joe - Perspective

It's been a while since we've had our Monday coffee together. I've missed it. After an encounter with a gentleman grocery shopping yesterday, I felt it was time for us to sit together again and chat.

Yesterday was the first time in three and a half weeks I've been able to go grocery shopping. And I was crabby. Add it to the list of things that I haven't been able to do because of this ankle injury. We weren't there very long, but the half hour of standing and walking was getting to me and I was starting to feel sorry for myself. AGAIN. While Jeff was checking out I sat down on a bench near one of the exits.

There was a gentleman there looking over his receipt. He started a conversation asking about the crutches and what I did. I told him about my injury and my frustration about not being able to move and the time it was going to take for this injury to heal. He told me that he had recently injured his rotator cuff. He's not sure how. But he can't comb his hair, he can't cut his grass, he can't help his kids with projects he used too. He shared how hard it is for him at the age of 76 to no longer be able to do things he used to. He has a garage FULL of tools that he can no longer use. All he can really do is go grocery shopping. He became silent and I noticed he was fighting back tears.

I reached out and just held onto his arm for a few minutes. He smiled and told me that he realizes how lucky he is. He still lives in his home, he's still mobile and he loves his animals (3 beautiful cats that just made his face light up). I also got a lesson in economics and how important it is to watch prices at the grocery store because they typically overcharge at the check out :)

As he left and I waited for Jeff (because they overcharged at the checkout and he was at customer service!!) the word perspective smacked me upside the head. Every week this injury is getting better. I would usually follow that up with slower then I like, or not as quickly as I want. But not today. Every week this injury is getting better. Very soon I will be doing things I used to do, a little slower perhaps, but I'll be doing them.

Join me this week in finding perspective in the things going on in our lives. Let's focus on the positive, half cup full. And most importantly, let's be grateful that no matter what is going on in our lives, the Good Lord always drops in angel among us to teach and guide us. I met mine at Pick n Save. Keep your eyes open for yours! Be well

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