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Learning to Breath and Release

We experienced a very emotional weekend at the shop. By Noon on Saturday I had lost track of the amount of people who graced our doors and were going through some type of stress and anxiety. From family issues, the upcoming elections, issues at school, problems at work, and so much more.

I want us to take a collective slow deep breath in. Hold it for just a few seconds and blow it out. Let’s do it together one more time. I’m doing it with you. Breathe in, hold it, blow it out and release all that is causing tension. There is so much negativity in our world and it is really starting to get to so many of us. So what do we do?

I think for a little bit, we turn off the TV. When we have 24 hour news ALL THE TIME, we are bombarded with daily issues of crime, political ads, people screaming at each other instead of listening to each other, and so many other world issues. I’m not saying stick your head in the sand, I’m saying give yourself a break.

There are a lot of angry and frustrated people in our country, on our planet as whole. We are constantly seeing the negative, to the point I think we forget at times there is so much GOOD and KINDNESS out there and we have it within us.

There's people making a difference in this world, people going into schools, paying outstanding lunch bills for kids, people letting you skip at the grocery store line and not calling you out if you have 21 items in the 20 or less line, people making both little and large changes in this world. This week, let’s focus on the good in people and try to understand that everyone is going through something and to try to give them a little grace.

Let’s take care of ourselves too. Take a short walk or a long shower. Keep the news off. Spend some time sharing positive energetic space with people. Let’s focus on kids, family, parents, sports (not talking about the Packers, though. That game was awful!) Make sure you're sleeping, drinking enough water and trying to focus on whole foods. Spend some time outdoors. Pray, meditate.

Do whatever it's going to take to help you turn off all the world's insanity for just a little while and focus on becoming more at peace, more relaxed. The easiest thing you can do for yourself is to always focus on your breath. We’ve got you. You’re never alone and we’ll do whatever we can, from a hug, a chat, products formulated to help ease your body or mind, to helping you find a sense of calm. We’re all in this together and we’re going to be ok.

Be Well, Blessed Ones

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