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Desperately Seeking September

People who know me, know that any day that it snows is my favorite day. Don't get me wrong, I love the days that I can be out in my garden or walking in the sunshine or at the lake with a warm summer breeze.  But the days when sparkles fall from heaven and blanket the ground in white....[peaceful sigh]...those days are magic for me.

So, in order to get to those days, I look forward to September: autumn is coming, cooler days will soon be here, harvests are happening. It's also my birthday month and am I blending up a wonderful celebration for us all!  

As I continue on my journey towards earning my next aroma therapy certification, I want to share with everyone the valuable things I've learned. I'm blending new things just for you that will feature these healing benefits I've learned and help you begin a healing journey.  While many people are getting back into a hectic schedule of work and school, September will be a month of self-care for us.

Self-care is defined as taking care of one's self without medical or physical consultation.* In health, it includes any intentional actions you take to care for your physical, mental and emotional health. Taking care of yourself helps you do more. Leah Letson shared with us last week how important she feels this connection is, "I can accomplish so much more by staying healthy." She takes care of all aspects of her health in order accomplish more. It starts with self-care.  

For Self-Care September, each week in September I have a great blog planned that highlights the benefits of different aromatics and how they can be used for self-care. I'm also mixing up special products to help you with that self-care. One week at a time, one step at a time, we will treat ourselves better. We will feel better. We will be able to do more. It starts with one self-care act at a time.

To join Aromatic Blessings Self-Care September:

Sign up for the newsletter below. You'll be the first to get the information every Monday morning (plus the code for reduced shipping on products you buy).Say that you're "Going" to the Self-Care September event. You'll be invited to a private group where we can share our September stories and support each other. (Plus, product discount codes! Just sayin'.)Like the Aromatic Blessings Facebook page. Self-Care September messages will be posted on the page, too.  Get your special bundle of self-care products at a special early-bird price before Self-Care September starts.

Let's start this journey together, take it one step at a time. It'll be a celebration of us!

Be kind to your self. You deserve it.


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