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Connie & Susie's Great Harvesting Adventure

I'm visiting my mom and dad at their cabin in Northern Wisconsin. On our way to Mass this morning, I "saw" a patch of red clover! Mom and I decided that after we got home from church, we were going to go back and harvest them. I also noticed patches of common yarrow and was really excited to go harvest.

Once we got home and changed, Mom announced that she was not going into the woods because she was not going to get a tick. I agreed and stated that we would only be harvesting from plants on the side of the road and wouldn't be wandering into tall grass into the woods. We grabbed some containers, scissors and gloves and headed out.

First off, I have NO IDEA what I thought I saw, but there was no red clover to be found ANYWHERE! But there was a lot of beautiful yarrow. And this is where the fun began.

(She wouldn't even get out of the car LOL)

MOM: What's that dinging?

ME: I took my seat belt off so I can jump out when we get close. I also put the hazards on so cars can go around us.

MOM: When you pull over make sure you pull over onto grass.

ME: (Pulling onto grass)

MOM: NOT HERE!! This is somebody's lawn!!

ME: (Pulling up further next to yarrow)

ME: Mom, look at all this yarrow. Can you see the ferned leaves? MOM: I'm not getting out of this car. Do you see all these bees?

ME: Mom..

MOM: CLOSE YOUR WINDOW! Don't you see all these bees?

ME: Okay, I'll be right back. (I cut a good handfull of yarrow everywhere we stopped so as not to take all so they regrow)

ME: (Opening back door): Mom, look how pretty.

MOM: DID YOU SHAKE THOSE OUT? I don't want any bugs crawling in this car

ME: (Now laughing so hard I can't breathe) Mom, I did.

MOM: Get in the car, there are tons of bees over here.

MOM: Let's drive down this road and see what's here. What's that dinging? Is your door open?

ME: (Laughing so hard I"m crying) MOM!! I don't have my seatbelt on. (LOL)

ME: (stopping car) Mom, look that's a Mullein...


ME: Mom! We are on a side road with no cars in sight, I'm just stopping to take a picture for my plant ID app. I want to make sure it's Mullein. (Get's out of car to take picture)

MOM: Do you see all the bees on that?? Hurry up!

ME: (Getting back into car and gives mom the phone as we wait for the app to work which it didn't because we couldn't get internet).

MOM: What's that dinging?


MOM: You're going to need a saw for that.

ME: We just need the younger leaves and flowers

MOM: (You're going to need a saw) Turn here, TURN HERE!

Me: Why??

Mom: Because that's where the cabin is

ME: LOL (We are laughing hysterically at this point)

We decided we had enough for today and would make another trip out tomorrow. Not only was it wonderful spending the morning together, but I absolutely loved being able to harvest from north woods! I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!!

Hoping your Sunday was half as fun as ours! Be Well!

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