Using Personal Experiences To Help                              You Find Peace, Joy and Wellness

                                                        For most of my adult life I have leaned towards a more holistic outlook towards

my health and the health of my family. I grow my own herbs, made my own salves, elixirs,  tinctures and teas. I've spent many hours  studying (and continue to study) herbs and plant matter, not to mention the food we eat, how it affects our body and how it can enhance our own personal healing.

I fell in love with essential oils when I was receiving massage therapy for complex PTSD due to a volatile marriage. Before I left, the massage therapist always massaged my hands with an essential oil blend. I had no idea what was in it, but the SCENT. I would sit in the car with my hands under my nose and just inhale. Just breathe. Beautiful and relaxing.

Aromatherapy, simply put, is the use of scent, aroma, to enhance the feeling of well-being in mind, body and spirit. It becomes more complex when we explain the way plant matter is used - extracting its essential oils, using the distilled waters, macerating dried herbs, understanding it’s chemical compounds and potential properties - but in its simplest form, aromatics, our sense of smell, inhaling a scent is the quickest, most gentle and soothing way of assisting with our mental and spiritual wellness.

As an Aromatherapist and a Folk Herbalist, my biggest dream was to be able to share the knowledge and products that I created to help my family stay healthy.   Now it’s my greatest privilege to offer these same products to you and your family.
Be Well,